Monday, 12 September 2016

Children's Book in Progress

So I have been working on a children's book for quite some time now, years in fact (before I had the children, so as you can imagine it has been forgotten about time and time again). I am determined to keep this one going and try to get it finished, it has had a couple of reinventions and my fav collaborator Bex jumped on board to help me a bit with the writing (because she is amazing). Every time I go back to it I have different ideas etc, my style seems to constantly be evolving illustration wise. This is great but it also makes it difficult as every time I revisit it, I want to redo it all again!

I love 'The Emperor of Absurdia' by Chris Riddell and this inspired the style for the below illustration. This is one part of the first page of the book, the cheese tower is much taller on the page than in the sneak peek below. The cheese tower may look a bit plain and blocky in comparison to the detailed style on the mouse but this is because the text will be going on the cheese.

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