Wednesday, 28 January 2009

4 Words Project

The word SUPPORT looked at rising sea levels in London, Venice and Tokyo..... Again, I wanted to do more pages for this booklet but didn't manage it....

Basically there's a flap of the sealine first which flaps down to reveal a building underwater
Below is my line drawing of To-keeeeeee-yo! and then the image that appeared in the booklet

Line drawing- Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower/ Sea Buoy
Line drawing- London Eye
London Eye/coca cola can

Four Words Project

The four words project I was a little disappointed with, wish I'd spent more time on it.

Basically my theme was....the environment (and how it's being slightly destroyed :p)

I decided to do little 'environmental awareness' booklets with flaps to have that 'reveal' factor!

The word ENCLOSE....

Took the idea of birds migrating and no longer having anywhere to they are being shot into space!

Basically the top piece would show the bird in it's environment. They have cut outs so the bird can be seen from the piece underneath+is then flapped up to reveal it in space!
I used national birds from the UK, China and USA.

Pastiche Project

Well the other day was the 'Pastiche' Presentation so I thought it was about time I put some Oliver Kugler inspired work up!
Original Line Drawing
With Colour Added (Photoshop)
Mocked up in newspaper article