Saturday, 15 March 2014

I'm Back after a 3 Year Hiatus!

So here goes... Here is my first blog post since leaving university- about 3 years ago?! Why the long break and did I stop arts and crafting during this break?

Well, it seems life got in the way- hard to find time to put myself out there and promote myself when so many things were happening!

Firstly I got married after university after 6 years with Dan. Dan is an animator and we met at college where we started our journey together in art and design! It makes for an interesting team- for a start we are not afraid of critiquing eachother's work! Hopefully, we can collaborate in the future.

Secondly, I started a new job fresh from graduating, with an engineering company. Not very arty you might think-well I compile manuals and sales literature so my design background isn't wasted. I enjoy it there, everyone is so lovely and it gives me the stability I have always craved from a career.

Thirdly, last year Dan and I had our beautiful daughter Annabelle. Life hasn't been the same since.

So I am currently on maternity leave and rediscovering my love of all things arts and craft. Annabelle inspires me a lot. I currently make a lot of things for her!

I am mainly back because I recently found an interest in papercutting- Thanks to Paper Panda- Louise's work is so amazing and so awe-inspiring that it pushed me towards doing my own. I participated in a competition that Paper Panda held and somehow won! I will put on a blog entry in a minute showing my entry. Hopefully this can be a place where I can show the development in my papercutting as well as the other hundred hobbies I seem to have!

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