Thursday, 27 May 2010

Exploring and Developing Practice

This is my last 2nd year project at uni... It is loosely based on the J. G. Ballard short story 'Low Flying Aircraft'.

Everyone has had to move out of the cities as fossil fuels are running out. People understand that they are destroying their own way of life so return to agriculture far away from the cities. The character Holloway is curious about the city, as he has been brought up far away. He visits and reinvents the city. However, the city gets destroyed for the exact same reasons it was abandoned in the first place. It is basically the life cycle of the city and of Holloway. Oh yeah, I swapped Holloway for a pigeon :)

The characters in the images are 3D models. Combination of collage, paint and photography merged in Photoshop. The final images were printed onto postcards and displayed into a concertina folder.